[MDBSOTourplanPosState] Tourplan Position Status (developer guide)

Classname/ID Comment
ID 017684cb-72a9-4c90-bfea-5b927d1fa545
ACIdentifier MDBSOTourplanPosState
ACUrlComponent Database\ACProject(Root)\ACClass(ACRoot)\ACClass(Businessobjects)\ACClass(MDBSOTourplanPosState)
Is abstract
Is abstract
Namespace gip.bso.masterdata.MDBSOTourplanPosState
ACUrlComponent Tourplan Position Status
Comment Allgemeine Stammdatenmaske für MDTourplanPosState Bei den einfachen MD-Tabellen wird bewußt auf die Managerklassen verzichtet.

Classname/ID Comment
MDBSOTourplanPosState Allgemeine Stammdatenmaske für MDTourplanPosState Bei den einfachen MD-Tabellen wird bewußt auf die Managerklassen verzichtet.
ACBSONav Basisklasse für Bussinessobjekte mit Navigationsfunktion Mögliche ACState: SMIdle (Definiert in ACComponent) SMReadOnly SMNew SMEdit SMSearch
ACBSO Basisklasse für alle Businessobjekte
ACComponentState Basisklasse für Statusbehaftete Komponenten Jede ACComponentState befindet sich in einem bestimmten Status 'ACState'. Nach der Initialisierung standardmäßig im 'SMIdle' In jeder Ableitung können weitere Status definiert werden, in dem Methoden mit dem Attribute 'ACMethodState' deklariert werden. Mögliche ACState: SMIdle
ACComponent Baseclass for all Components
IACComponent Interface for ACComponent
IACObjectWithInit Interface for implementing simple objects with the life-cycle phases of iPlus
IACObject Base interface for classes that are registered (or known) in the iPlus-Type-System. They appear in the iPlus-Development-Environment in the Variolibrary-Project or Variobatch-Project. Instances of IACObject have a unique address (ACUrl) in Application-Trees and can be accessed by ACUrlCommand. Therefore every implmentation of IACObject should implement ACUrlCommand to be accessible. IACObject's also can have Designs to be able to be presented on the GUI.
IACObjectBase This is the ultimate base interface for implementing classes in the iPlus-Framework. It's comparable to the .net-Type System.Object. This interface helps to present objects on a GUI with its description and to indentify them inside a generic list through its uniqe indentifer (ACIdentifier)
IACMember Abstract interface for implementing classes which can be listed in the ACMemberList of a ACComponent. Members can be Properties, Points and other ACComponent-Instances (childs)
IACInteractiveObject Interface for classes that are used for the UI-Interaction. Primarily this interface implements WPF-Controls and IACComponents. WPF-Controls are bound to values from IACObjects or IACComponents which can be accessed through the ContextACObject-Property (Is the DataContext-Property of WPF-Frameworkelements). To bind values use the VBContent-Property instead of using a WPF-Binding on a classic way. Pass a ACUrl to the VBContent-Property in XAML and the WPF-Control that implement this interface automatically finds the proper Source and Path for it by calling the IACObject.ACUrlBinding()-Method. IACInteractiveObject's can also be used for Drag-And-Drop-Actions and Context-Menu-Operations. Whenever such a relevant interaction-event occured this information is delegated from the "Source-IACInteractiveObject" to the "Receiver-IACInteractiveObject" by invoking the ACAction-Method. e.g. When a user interacts with a WPF-Control this Action is delegated to the bound IACComponent (ContextACObject-Property).
IACBSO Interface für alle Businessobjekte