[MDCountrySalesTax] VAT (developer guide)

Classname/ID Comment
ID 0036a246-92a6-4b54-b649-bfeddec84909
ACIdentifier MDCountrySalesTax
ACUrlComponent Database\ACProject(Root)\ACClass(ACRoot)\ACClass(DatabaseApp)\ACClass(MDCountrySalesTax)
Is abstract
Is abstract
Namespace gip.mes.datamodel.MDCountrySalesTax
ACUrlComponent VAT

Classname/ID Comment
VBEntityObject VBEntityObject - common VarioBatch base for entity object - implementing commnon definitions and functionality (aagincic) TODO: 1. Implement one by one method - remove all with same signature - add to different signature methods override keyword 2. check where is used IACObjectEntityInterface and remove from class (base class is implementator)
IACObjectEntity Interface for Entity-Framework classes
IACObject Base interface for classes that are registered (or known) in the iPlus-Type-System. They appear in the iPlus-Development-Environment in the Variolibrary-Project or Variobatch-Project. Instances of IACObject have a unique address (ACUrl) in Application-Trees and can be accessed by ACUrlCommand. Therefore every implmentation of IACObject should implement ACUrlCommand to be accessible. IACObject's also can have Designs to be able to be presented on the GUI.
IACObjectBase This is the ultimate base interface for implementing classes in the iPlus-Framework. It's comparable to the .net-Type System.Object. This interface helps to present objects on a GUI with its description and to indentify them inside a generic list through its uniqe indentifer (ACIdentifier)