Runtime for free

The iplus-runtime is free. This means that you can install iplus-framework on unlimited computers because we license developer-based. The more projects you roll out in the year, the cheaper it will be for you because there are no runtime licenses or any tag restrictions. The project size therefore does not matter at all.

Each company can freely design the calculation model with the end user by developing and selling its own products.


Developmentlicense for Developer

First year:
5.999 €
including 4 days support or training

Following years with support:
5.599 €
including 2 days support or training

Following years without support:
3.999 €
Support is billed by the hour

The integrated development environment and tools to distribute your own products requires a "developer development license". This development license is issued per developer in the form of a USB dongle. The USB dongle is also a tool with which you can create licenses for your specially developed products, which are activated by software key on the target system (database).

# Demo mode
If you haven't purchased a dongle, you can work with the program in demo mode for half an hour at a time with full functionality. After that, you must restart the program to be able to work half an hour again. However, you are not permitted to use your developed product for commercial purposes until you have purchased a development license.

# Students
If you are a student, please contact us. We can give you a dongle for the procurement price so that you are not tied to the half hour of demo time. After the student period, however, you have to return the dongle to us.

Developmentlicense for Enduser

One time only:
1.999 €
Support is billed by the hour


For end customers to use the iplus development environment to make their own custom customizations, this requires a "end-user development license." This development license is issued per person in the form of a USB dongle.

Productlicense for iPlus-MES

One time only:
3.999 €*
Support is billed by the hour


iplus-MES is a separate product of gipSoft based on the iplus-framework. One license is required per database. This license does not include inclusive support hours.

* The price given is a so-called server or stand-alone license. For more workplaces please contact us, because we will create an individual offer with scaled prices for you.

Support & Training

independent components

per hour:
99 €
Support and training is billed by the hour


# Training for end users
Basic operation, use of iplus-MES programs for day-to-day business, Administration...

# Training for project engineers and consultants
Business process implementation, customizing, UI-Design, service orchestration, extension with customer-specific functionalities...

# Training for developers 
Use of iplus-framework with Microsoft Visual Studio, development of own assemblies, server- and clientside programming, development of own database models...

# Development and project assistance
We will help you with the implementation of your first project. Be it the introduction of our MES solution for end customers or the development of our own product based on the iplus-framework.